Photo albums and video clips from 2016 - 2017 school year ...

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JULY 2017

2S Rugby coaching

2S have a taste of India

2L have a taste of India

5C make longboats

1J peer assessment

Reception bubble party

Key Stage 1 Sports

PHOTOS: Whole School Dance-athon

Year 1 - Faye reads to the class

Year 1 - the string of 12 Disciples

Key Stage 1 Reading together

Key Stage 1 picnic

Key Stage 1 GoNoodles!

1J Maths session


JUNE 2017

Reception classes activities in June 2017

Peat Rigg residential - Year 6

Year 6 Fieldwork walk

2L with Leeds Rhinos coach - session 2

5C test their catapults

VIDEO: Year 1 poetry

VIDEO: Wake Up Shake Up competition

PHOTOS: Wake Up Shake Up competition

Year 1 capacity investigations

5C catapults

Year 1 Multi Skills competition

Year 2 Henna patterns

Year 1 and 2 reading together

Year 2 Rangoli patterns

2S QR codes to investgate animals in India

2S investigating India

2L coaching with Leeds Rhinos

Year 3 Greek Day

Year 1 free time

Year 1 Researching in websites in partner time

2L use QR codes to investigate India

2L India research

5C make Anglo Saxon brooches

Class RBE at Hesketh Farm Park

Reception at Hesketh Farm Park - slideshow 2

Reception at Hesketh Farm Park - slideshow 1


MAY 2017

Year 2 - MORE Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Year 2 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Year 1 Jack and the Beanstalk mechanisms

Year 1 bean plant observations

5C investigate aquadynamics

Year 1 go to Harlow Carr Gardens

Year 6 Book Awards

VIDEO: Year 1 editing position

1J model plants

Year 1 beanstalk boxes

5C make Anglo Saxon Houses

Year 6 attend a book awards session

Year 5 identify shapes


APRIL 2017

PHOTOS: Year 4 skipping

VIDEO: Year 4 skipping

Year 5 investigate angles

Year 1 circuit training in PE

5C visited by a Viking

Year 4 tasting their freshly made pizzas

Year 4 making pizzas

Year 4 demonstrate their Roman shields

Year 4 World Book Week (March)


MARCH 2017

Year 1 hunting for shade

1J make Easter cards

PHOTOS: 4H Roman shields

VIDEO: 4H Roman shields

1J program beebots

1J enjoy their jam tarts

1J Easter themed Green time

Year 2 sports hall challenge

Year 2 go on a maths Easter egg hunt

Year 6 circuit training

Year 2 show their skipping competition certificates

Grandparents' tea party

6M Easter experience

6C giant mountaineer art

6C Easter experience

2S Easter fun

2S Easter experience

2L Easter chocolate nests

2L Easter experience

Year 5 visited by the Planetarium

Year 4 gymnastics competition

Comic Relief bun sale

2L Science Week

Year 1 making number sentences

1J use Numicon

1J sort adjectives, nouns and verbs

1J paint London

1J make castles

Year 6 Green Time Wheels

6C Ratio in maths in the sunshine!

6M giant mountaineers

PHOTOS: Year 2 skipping champions

VIDEO: Year 2 skipping champions video 1

VIDEO: Year 2 skipping champions video 2

Rugby coaching in the sun

Year 1 maths - comparing length

Year 1 Beebots

Year 1 London art

1J parents stay and play

1J Easter story freeze frames

1J - Choosing Time photos

5C extract DNA from strawberries

2S meet the chicks

Science Week - Year 2 investigate microbes

Year 6 Parents stay and play

6M Dragon games learning logs

6C - RE The Big Story

Years 5 and 6 take part in a gymnastic competition

6M RE - the big story

6C Dragon Game learning log tasks

Year 2 Fraction Trail

2L meet the chicks

PHOTOS: Author Jason Beresford visits Key Stage 2

VIDEO: Author Jason Beresford visits Key Stage 2

5C make their own planets

6M Learning logs - games

6C story writing inspiration

2S World Book Day

2L World Book Day



2S investigating fractions

2L investigating fractions

Before and After School Club with snakes and spiders!

Robinwood 2017 - WHIRLPOOL group

Robinwood 2017 - WAVE group

Robinwood 2017 - OCEAN group

Robinwood 2017 - ICEBERG group

VIDEO: Sportshall athletics final - boys 1 lap race

VIDEO: Sportshall athletics final - boys 2 lap race

VIDEO: Sportshall athletics final - more video

3C Stone Age Day - history and science

3C chess players

VIDEO: Year 6 gymnastics competition

PHOTOS: Year 6 gymnastics competition

Year 1 use their senses to describe the Emerald City

Year 1 peer marking

1J find waterproof materials

1J working with tens frames

1J learning logs

1J create the Emerald City

Year 1 visited by the Genie

Year 2 team games

2S Beatrix Potter water colours

2L Beatrix Potter water colours

VIDEO: Sportshall athletics final

PHOTOS: Sportshall athletics final

VIDEO: 6M perform Jabberwocky

6M dragons workshop

6C dragons workshop with Year 1 and Reception visiting

Number Day - Year 5

Number Day - RW class

Number Day - whole school

Year 2 Number Day



Retelling the Wizard of Oz - Year 1

Key Stage 2 Sportshall athletics

Key Stage 1 Sportshall athletics

Year 5 French sentences

Year 1 Explore Learning - maths

Year 2 Alive and Kicking workshop

1J music session

Key Stage 1 Sportshall Challenge

Year 6 Robotics Day

VIDEO: Year 2 PE - problem solving

PHOTOS: Year 2 PE - problem solving

Year 4 visit Tinshill Free Church

Year 4 parents stay and play - maths

Year 4 science - making circuits

Year 4 RE activities

Year 1 use Google

4H science - minibeast search

4H outdoor maths

4H make cauliflower brains

4H make and play the Electricity Board game

Year 6 science investigations

5C space art

Year 2 green time

Peter Rabbit comes to Year 2

Peter Rabbit comes to Holy Trinity

2S make carrot cake

2L make carrot cake

1J order the months of the year

More of Year 1 phonics

1J with some more brilliant adjectives

1J winter tree art

Year 1 speed circle

Year 1 phonics

2S carrot contractions

2L carrot contractions

Year 1 Chalk Talk materials


Late Christmas photos from Year 1

Year 1 Nativity dress rehearsal

1J December activities

1J adjective paper chains

1J make Christmas cards

1J Christmas nouns and verbs

1J mandala pattern calendars


6M Spy Squad

6C take the penny drop challenge

6C Spy Squad

Year 2 Christian Value - trust



PHOTOS: Year 2 Mad Hatter's Christmas party

Year 2 sleigh investigations

1J share their learning logs

Year 2 Design technology session

Year 1 pyjama party

Year 1 graphemes

Baby Darcy visits Year 1

1J yoga session

1J investigate number families

1J create hedgehogs

1J 100 number squares

Year 2 Christmas Tree Festival

Year 2 skipping



More Year 1 snow photos

Year 1 in November

5C Thanks Giving USA style

5C parents Stay and Play at maths

5C investigate invisible ink

Year 2 - with Mrs Swan

2L play Queen of Hearts croquet

2L maths - parents stay and play

Year 2 make advent calendars

5C make stained glass windows

5C with Leeds Rhinos coaches

6M writing workshop

1J make fruit smoothies

Year 1 poppies pictures

Year 1 and 2 out in the snow

Y1 maths - partner subtraction

The whole school poppy making

6M Mock trial of the Big Bad Wolf

6M in the snow

1J counting to 120

Alfie S - Finals Night for the Children's Lord Mayor

6C - the trial of the Big Bad Wolf

5C dissolving experiments

1J skeletons #2

1J skeletons #1

1J skeleton dance

1J sentence activities



A PC SO visits 6M

Reception RBE's Teddy Bears' Picnic

VIDEO: Active Schools Conference

Active Schools Conference photos

Reception Teddy Bear's Picnic

Year 2 create newspapers

1J PE activities

A PCSO visits 6C

1J addition activities

1J label their bodies

1J explore their senses

6C SOCOS on duty!

5C reflect deeply

1J writing comparative sentences

1J number bonds to 10

2S Great Fire of Holy Trinity

VIDEO: 2S Great Fire of Holy Trinity

Vocabulary Day - The Catwalk!

Year 2 Vocabulary Day

Reception Autumn activities including the Bear Hunt

Reception Vocabulary Parade

6C maths trail

6M maths trail

Year 4 visit Golden Acre Park

Year 2 bake for Thomas Farriner

6C Roman crime and punishment

6C maths activities

6C analysing finger prints and handwriting

VIDEO: Reception Class - Letter formation

VIDEO: Reception Class - Phonemes and actions

1J Speed Circle - listing animals

1J sorting Bible stories

1J sorting animals

Year 1 Ball control (photos by Faye)

Year 1 Owl Babies

Year 1 free choice time

1J counting accurately

1J asking questions

5C research North America

Year 2 building Tudor houses


Year 2 making verses for "London's Burning"

2S hot seating

2S explore time lines

2S maths place value

5C investigate magnetism

5C programming

Reception RW - more photos

Reception RW - first days

1J PE photos by Faye

1J number formation

6M photo and e-fits

6M investigate finger prints

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