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(November 2016)

5O classroom    5C classroom


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JULY 2017

5C make longboats


JUNE 2017

5C test their catapults

5C catapults

5C make Anglo Saxon brooches


MAY 2017

5C investigate aquadynamics

5C make Anglo Saxon Houses

Year 5 identify shapes


APRIL 2017

Year 5 investigate angles

5C visited by a Viking


MARCH 2017

Year 5 visited by the Planetarium

5C extract DNA from strawberries

Years 5 and 6 take part in a gymnastic competition

5C make their own planets



Robinwood 2017 - WHIRLPOOL group

Robinwood 2017 - WAVE group

Robinwood 2017 - OCEAN group

Robinwood 2017 - ICEBERG group

Number Day - Year 5



Year 5 French sentences

5C space art



5C Thanks Giving USA style

5C parents Stay and Play at maths

5C investigate invisible ink

5C make stained glass windows

5C with Leeds Rhinos coaches

5C dissolving experiments

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